Akamonkai Japanese Language School

Akamonkai Japanese Language School 

Akamonkai is a long-established and traditional Japanese language school which belongs with Human Power Group.

Akamonkai was established in July 1985 near “The Red Gate” of the University of Tokyo. At present, we own 2 school buildings in Nippori and 8 dormitories where 1200 overseas students from 40 countries around the world are staying and studying regularly.

Akamonkai offers various kinds of courses such as “General Course,” “University Preparatory Curriculum”, “Business Employment Course”, “Short-term Course” and “Special Short-term Programs”. A specialist instructor is assigned to each course and a special curriculum is also designed to most efficiently and effectively achieve the goals of each course.


Particularly, in recent years Akamonkai has designed new classes called “Business Employment Class” which are operated based on a newly created curriculum in order to to meet the needs of overseas students and provide them with all-around support throughout the process from admission to graduation.

These efforts have earned praises and we have been hailed as a Japanese language school that excels at total balance. At Akamonkai, all our outstanding staff provides the fullest support possible to allow all enrolled students to achieve their goals with an aim to fostering human resources who can work and become successful globally.

Furthermore, Human Power Co., Ltd. have entrusted Akaimonkai with the duty of training excellent talents. As a group company that belongs with Akaimonkai, Human Power acts as bridge connecting “overseas students” and “companies” and specializes in the placement of overseas students who have studied Japanese at Akamonkai


Akamonkai Nangaku Japanese Class

Nangaku 南学- (Nanyou Gakukin– 南洋学院-Southern Academy) was a national a special vocational school established in Vietnam in 1942 to nurture talents with leadership potential for the purpose of developing Southern Asia region. The students of the school then were selected not only from Japan but also from other Asian countries. However, after 3 years with 112 graduate students in total, the school was closed in 1945 at the end of the war.

After that, in 1991, thanks to the efforts of Nanyou Gakukin’s former students, Japan- Vietnam Cultural Associations collaborated with Hochiminh General University to resurrect Nangaku as a tuition-fee Japanese class in order to open the way to the future for those who loved learning Japanese but couldn’t continue studying due to economic hardship.

However, due to old age and other reasons, Nangaku’s sponsors could no longer fund the class’ expenses, whice led to the second closures of the Nangaku in 2009.

In November 2013, Akamonkai Japanese Language School took over and opened Nagaku for the 3rd time, once again as tuition-free classes to help nurture the dreams of those who wish to reach advanced level of Japanese proficiency. Nowadays, Nangaku has two classes with 33 students in total. Nagaku’s current office inside Hochiminh University of Pedagogy  is now also the representative office of Akamonkai Japanese Language School in Hochiminh City, Vietnam.


In order to pass JLPT’s N1 level and make full use of their Japanese ability while working in Japanese work environment, Nangaku’s students spend one year and 9 months (from enrolment to graduation) learning necessary knowledge and skills such as speaking, listening, making conversations in Japanese, Japanese business manners and so on.


As a group company that belongs with Akaimonkai, Human Power Vietnam Co., Ltd now also acts as bridge connecting Nangaku graduates and Japanese companies in Vietnam in order to help Nangaku’s excellent students find appropriate jobs in their favorite work environment.



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